Link Pushing vs Link Wheel


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Jul 30, 2010
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What exactly is link pushing. I've not seen any diagrams or explanations that adequately explain what link pushing is.

The only thing I've seen is hype geared towards the 'next big thing' and a couple of vendors who offer it.

Can someone explain how it works for us?
So, it's money site, hubs then web 2.0. Hubs are web 2.0 or TLD's like a .info?
What is the difference between Linkwheel & link pushing

As far as I can see nothing really, but of course if you mean the old closed linkwheel there is a difference. This is about making a open linkwheel so to speak so you aren't interlinking all your sites so ALL of them link to each other.

And also one thing I do find pretty interesting is the kind of properties he suggest. Which isn't the usual web 2.0 ones, but he suggests **************** 2.0 sites and similar.
I'm going to mix in some .info domains with the 2.0 sites. Host the domains with different hosting accounts and put up a word press site on each. We'll see how it goes.
where can i find more about Link Pushing ? intresting thing
I just ordered a trial package from his site. He has some great blog posts there also. I don't think he would mind me saying to check him out at
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