Link juice leakage issues and solutions

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    Here I provide my solutions for some Link juice leakage problems.

    Lots of people love to add varios kinds of gadgets, widgets, stats, share buttons, website worth button, pagerank button and all other. I myself used statscounter, some share buttons, and other crap. But, if you care about the link juice given to you, you better remove all that external stats shits and remove most of the share, pagerank, website rank and similar buttons and keep only one or two. This way you will keep your link juice in your site and only have small leakage with the share buttons. For the stats use Google Analytics or even better - the onsite AwStats or similar onsite statistic tool. For the share buttons link leakage issue, the solution is to reprogram them to be Java only, but most of the button providers are not happy with that, and you may not want to make them angry.

    People love to add RSS feeds, but there are three problems with them - first - the RSS feed links contribute link juice leakage. Second - the RSS feed may flag duplicate content warning and third - your RSS may outrank your contents pages.
    Solution to two of this problems is to add nofollow attribute in the links to stop having link juice leakage. For duplicate content issues the solution is to have separate text in the RSS feed, not the header of your content.

    If you have other link juice leakage issues, please post here.
    If you have solutions, feel free to post here as well.