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    A quick short post, more of a heads up than anything, but with Google getting smarter and smarter about blog networks, and un-natural link building techniques, it makes sense to be careful when building links on say your own private network.

    I saw this graph from pingdom, which shows technology of blogs. If you own a blog network, then it would make real sense to try to use some different technology for your CMS, and not just a whole network built on Wordpress.

    Image here: hxxp://

    For your 100 site network, for it to be 'natural' it should contain about
    50 wordpress sites
    14 Custom CMS (i.e. find something on CodeCanyon, or use something you write yourself)
    7 Moveable Type
    6 Drupal
    6 Gawker
    5 TypePad
    5 Scoop
    4 Blogger
    3 Tumblr

    Just some food for thought!
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