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    I am building a tool to manage backlinks on a web portal. I have almost finished the tool. It has a member dashboard where people will manage their links. It will also consist of a page where users can see some backlink services. Only good ones from here with tonnes of reviews.

    Details :

    1) There will be multiple service categories on the page - different types of backlinks etc.

    2) The below deal is for one month only. After that the page will have monthly advertising costs (very affordable)

    3) Only one position per provider. If you provide 3 services here you can only choose one spot for any service

    4) Your service page must have 5-8 pages (a long running service) and you should have 400-500 posts for our users to know that you mean authority.

    JV Deal :

    You just provide a link in your signature for our service (text link only). The product is new and has no competition so you won't have any problems from it. If you want you can join our affiliate section to make some money too. We have no problems with that.

    In exchange we will advertise your service in your category ( web 20, seo package, blog network etc.) for a month for free. It can link to your order form or sales page.

    PM me with any questions if you have.

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