Link Building: Quality over Quantity and Diversification is a Myth

I'm not sure I would agree with that, these no logical reason why a EMD would be punished let alone "dead". Of course they don't give a positive advantage like they did 10 years ago.

But I see no reason why they would have a negative impact, I'm sure google can determine that EMD brand anchors and main keyword will clash in terms of overoptimizing your keyword anchors, and account for that in the algorithm.

Sidenote, in my experience site-wide links do work despite what gurus say, provided they have relevancy and they don't make up a large portion of your RD's.
Yes they do! Yes they do.

I have read many "SEO Specialists" on this forum say site-wide links don't work and google can penalize websites doing it.

But then i go back to Google and do my own research and i see the complete opposite.

Wow. Do not take what you read on this forum as a rule. Do your own research.

There is a competition beating the crap out of me in ranking because they have some relevant sites and they added SITEWIDE links from all their relevant sites.

So you see metrics like 20RD and 250,000 backlinks. Basically, 20 websites sent more than 200k links. Many "SEO experts" will say this is SPAM. But Google loves it!

These sites have been ranking no1 since 2012! Yes, i have been trying to beat them since 2012!
I still see too many people focused on this diversification crap.

This usually entails a plethora of comments, forum posts, profiles and other low quality junk that has the effect of causing their site to dance around and basically nullifying the positive effect of good links.


You can rank a site with 50 RDs and beat out guys with 800 RDs.

RDs by its self is really not a ranking factor. There's just a correlation between higher RDs and more high quality links.

Really all you need to rank in a good place is 15-20 strong contextual links.

It doesn't take volume to rank(And if you're going after high comp stuff, you shouldn't even need to read posts on a forum, otherwise you have absolutely no chance of competing with the guys who you'll be up against)

Whether you're doing pbns or guests posts, just focus on getting a few very very strong links every month. Stop building a lot of trash to your site. It doesn't work. Sometimes you'll rise up for a bit, sometimes you'll get lucky, but you'll usually just dance around and get hit by the next update.

If you built 5 strong links to your site every month for a year, you'd be surprised at the results you get. Almost no one does this, people just go after any old link they can get.
Is it applicable for the year 2024 as well? You're a well experienced person in SEO. So, do you think something has changed in the link building industry in the past year?
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