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    I have a question about link building for my site. It seems pretty easy but I want to be sure.

    I have a website based on dumpsters. I have targeted non-demographic keywords and built links to the homepage but now ive made tier 2 pages that are demographically based. For example say one of the pages is named toronto dumpster. Is it better to send links to the main page with the keyword toronto dumpster or is it better to send links to the tier 2 page with the keyword toronto dumpster?
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    its better to send the links to the url where the content and the on page optimization for that keyword is, also the best is if you call the inner page like your keyword
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    The mindset to get into is that each page is to be looked upon as a website in its own right. With this in mind each PAGE or post if you are using a blog, needs perfect SEO optimization and incoming links relevant to the keyword you are targeting.

    Apply the basic SEO Principles to each page you create;

    1. Title tag
    2. Description
    3. Keyword tag
    4. Heading tags (H1,2,3 etc)
    5. Outbound links (within content) contain the keyword you are targeting and are correctly anchored and trusted high PR sites
    6. Any images present ensure the alt image tag is used to include your keyword
    7. Link building - most important.... ensure your keyword (mixed with a sprinkling of related terms) is present in around 60-80% of incoming links.

    Whilst we are on the subject of link building it is also worth considering that one of my established sites (3 years and 200 pages of SEO optimised good quality unique and interesting content) shows some interesting aspects when it comes to what 'natural' link building should look like.

    The site has only a handful of man made links dropped by myself but because of the nature and quality of the content I have ammased several thosands of links over the years. The way these links are profiled is a great example of what natural looks like.

    For specific pages there is around only 50-60% correct keyword anchoring, the remainder of the links contain the url or 'more info'/'click here' etc, etc.

    The point here being that the pages are ranked very highly for a number of reasons but principally this is down to the trust value taking into account the domain age and a very natural link profile (because that is what it is.....)

    My advice therefore (and is what I do with all my sites) is to ensure you include around 20-40% 'click here' '' 'name' 'website' within your incoming anchor text links - if your on page SEO is optimised and you have a majority number of incoming links anchored with your keyword there is no reason you should not rank very well.
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