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Discussion in 'Link Building' started by realizment, Feb 14, 2013.

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    Hey guys total noon questions here i hope you dont mind helping out.. Ok so is it true that the more backlinks we have count towards coming up on top of google? if so is article submission still the quickest way to get many links at once? Is the suggested way then to just spend time writing decent articles?

    If the objective is to come up on front of the competition and this is the only then it willl prove very difficult when the have over 700 thousand backlinks.

    One other questions as far as back links. Lets pretend i sell cheese and the backlinks are hyper text like this. "cheese for sale" which is going to cheeseforsale.c0m well to make 700 thousand backlinks does every back link have to be "cheese for sale" linking back to my site? or can it be variations of keywords linking back to the same URL?

    PS what is regarded the no.1 seo technique for getting no.1 on google past your competition.

    Thank you guys!
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    Search G for our bhw member Matthew Woodward, I have been pointing him out lately to those who need guidance. Check out his tierd link building videos, after that, check out another bhw members site demon demon dot com by scritty, you wont be disappointed.