Link Building and web 2.0 question, low comp. local KW

Discussion in 'Link Building' started by troublie, Jun 8, 2011.

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    Hi BHW

    Just bought a domain today, installed WP and all the always needed plugins (seopressor, google xml sitemaps, all in one seo pack, wp super cache and a bookmark one).

    Now the domain is an EMD for my keyword, which is a local keyword and with very very low comp.

    I have other 2 blogs ranking for 2 more difficult keywords, one #7 on G and the other one #11.

    But since I am relatively new to IM and SEO, I think I was kind of messy with those 2 blogs since I started to blast them with SB directly and so on. Now I have been using web 2.0 properties but not seem any increasement on SERP's.

    My plan for this new site with very low comp. is to build like 8 web 2.0 properties around my site and keep blasting them with SB and eventually profile links.

    My question is, is this enough? I know I do have to test it to know, and I will, but as for your former experience, 8 properties are enough? Or its better to build 8 properties to start, give some SB blast through the week, and next week build more 8 properties and so on?

    I have this question because OK, link juice will pass through my web 2.0 properties and to my money site then, but is it possible to rank the website with just like, 8 "powered" backlinks? Its a very very low comp. KW, I will rank it through the organic results and also G places.
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    8 is enough if the comp is low, but the more the better. Backlink your backlinks.