Link Aloha: The pro's and Con's

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    Like a lot of people, I am looking forward to Link Aloha's next subscription drive. However someone sent me this article on Link Aloha that I found useful. If anything, this article gave me a bit of a reality check. Still I am going forward with them; that is if and when I get off their wait list.

    The Article:

    Link Aloha is good and bad, you choose.

    1. Very easy to learn.
    2. Reasonable pricing.
    3. Links posted has your anchor text and are live and has do follow links.
    4. Fast indexing through the rss feed provided.
    5. Link location is provided with an excel sheet.
    6. Search engine ranking is achieved in a very fast time with the system.

    1. Beware when you unsubscribe from the service, the rss feed will be gone too. This is detrimental to the health of your website because the thousands of links that you have pointing to your site will also be gone. It?s like renting 4-5 thousand links from for a month and then unsubscribe. If any of you reading this do not understand my drift, you will be in it for a great ride. All the links that were cached through the rss feed will be decached because the search engine spiders have no way of finding it.
    2. They claim to ping each link posted but they don?t because links never got cached by search engines.
    3. The excel sheet providing your link location sucks. A bunch of crap is added to it so you can?t ping the urls yourself.
    4. You have to stay subscribed to their service or your website will end up right back where it was before or worse.
    5. As fast as your website goes up, it goes down just as fast when you unsubscribe from their service. The rss feed is the issue. It?s gone when you unsubscribe and so goes your links. There?s no way to manually filter through the crappy excel sheet that?s provided to you so you can ping the urls yourself.
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    For me the cons would be a big negative:eek:
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    That's an interesting take on link aloha...

    I considered subscribing when they opened up their 2.0 service but I decided not to as the number of links they provided was not enough vs the cost...

    All these services have their positives and negative attributes...

    I wish it was more simple than this...your dammed if you do, and dammed if you don't...

    Panda 3.3 rages on!
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    I've seen this review before somewhere, and it was in regards to linkaloha V1.

    With LinkAloha V2 we changed alot of stuff around and had alot of updates :)

    As the owner of LinkAloha I have a few things to say about the cons in this list.

    1) The RSS feed will hold 30 of your last links created by linkaloha inside of it and will constantly be refreshed with new links.

    A RSS feed is supposed to remove old content from it and only show the latest (n) of items. That's how a RSS feed is designed and should operate.

    If this comment was right, then every site using a RSS feed would be dropped from Google, because its normal behaviour to remove old content from a RSS feed.

    2) Links on our private blognetwork have an index rate of 80%. The social media links have an index rate of 70%.

    The forum and wiki links have a lower index rate, but every service you see here on BHW have the same problem with those links. I'ts not a linkaloha problem.

    3) This is not an issue anymore with linkaloha v2. Reports are easy to manage.

    4) See 1. It's total nonsense about the RSS feed. This is how a RSS feed works and we will not remove any of your links when you unsubscribe.

    5) see 4&1
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    I am currently using Link Aloha on at least 20 sites. I can't say I can measure the results though, because I started them in conjunction with a million other things.

    I do like how easy it is to set up a campaign.

    However, after hearing buzz around BHW about Private Blog Network links being penalized big time by Google... I am having second thoughts about utilizing these via Link Aloha, even though it seems to be one of the biggest selling points.

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    Any other review?
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    If the network gets caught with you in it as a member, you will be dooooooown. I was with BMR and my website got slapped big time (it's been over 6 months now). But damn, it was worth it... :)
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    Thanks for listing the pro's & con's! Very useful...