Limitations and terms of Paypal

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    We all know that each and every one of us has a secret hatred for Paypal, but unfortunately some of our ventures require it, or it is just that easier for us to use it.

    I honestly want to compile information in this thread about Paypal. These are things I want to know, and I'm sure many others, newbies, and veterans alike would like to know.

    Anyone have information on:
    - Limits
    - Procedures
    - Avoiding getting limited
    - Buying/Selling on Ebay and off-eBay
    - Receiving Money
    - Submitting IDs
    - Removing Limits
    - Getting money out
    - Etc...

    This would be perfect if we could get info for every stage, such as if you have a unverified account all the way to a verified business account. Good practices and such. Pretty much, a complete compilation of all the information we know about Paypal.

    I'm definitely interested in knowing, and if the info you guys bring is good, a mod MAY just sticky it and get rid of retarded amounts of Paypal threads.

    I personally would like to know how much you can receive on an unverified account with a VCC attached to it, before you may get limited, and how I can avoid getting limited.
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