Like Jacking vs Follow Jacker - Which is better?

Discussion in 'FaceBook' started by Aces SEO, Nov 3, 2015.

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    I think the title says it all.

    I'm hearing contrary things. I've heard facebook treats them both the same in the new algorithim. That if the person interacts theyll see your posts if they don't they won't.
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    I think this review says it all:
    Some really nice test data has been shared in there.

    Also, not to be too self-promoting, I'll chime in myself with a bit of my own research and start off with info from FB help center itself:

    "What does it mean to follow someone?"
    - "When you follow someone, you'll see their posts in your News Feed..."

    "What is the difference between Liking and Following a business page?"
    - "Liking a Page will add it to your list of Likes on your timeline. Following a Page means you'll see updates from that Page in your News Feed."
    Now, that algorithm is not that much different when it comes to following a FB profile, is it?


    And I quote the FB help team on "What is the difference between Liking and Following a business page?":
    - "When you like a Page, you'll automatically follow it, but you can adjust your settings to unfollow it. To unfollow a Page, go to the Page, hover over Liked (in the Page's cover photo) and select "Show in News Feed" to uncheck that option."

    Now this is a connotation that the people who like a page can also unfollow it and hence not see updates about it in their newsfeed. This tells me which of the two has more weight when it comes to getting reach. And we've all seen page administrators urging the people that have liked the page to also follow it in order to get the page's feed to show in their timeline.

    The "like" and "follow" buttons can also be distinguished as different FB functions. Or even more simply put - labels applied to a certain action.
    "Follow" is more precise in action-effect/result meaning than "Like". It implies that there will be a consequence of some kind, that you will be notified when important things happen to the object or person you have chosen to follow, hence, you will see their posts in your timeline.

    Another view on the "like" and "follow" FB functions:
    - With a "Like" the user expresses affinity, the inclusion of an object in one's interests, a vote, a positive opinion.
    Liking does not imply that the user will regularly check for updates. More or less it is like creating a portfolio of interests and showing support towards a certain object.
    - The "Follow"-ing is used to subscribe, to get constant updates on something. In other words, the "follow" button lets users subscribe to the public updates of others on FB.
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