Like button and pages questions for whitehat site

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    Some technical questions regarding facebook on my whitehat site.

    I try to understand the Likebutton and Facebook pages in depth before starting to use Facebook on my site to avoid beginners misstakes I maybe will never be able to fix.

    I created a test account and 1 official page and 2 community pages yet.

    My site has 50+ shares in the graph view although I don't use Facebook yet.
    What happens if I become admin of this page by clicking the Likebutton showing 50+ likes?
    Do I get a community page or an official page?
    Do I have to choose a vanityurl for this page instantly or can I choose a name later?
    Has the page already a name I can't change (maybe my domain name?) and would make public because it has more than 50 likes?

    My buttons are targeting 1 community page by default and I don't know how to create a button for the other community page.
    How do I create a button for a specific community page?
    How do I create a button for a specific official page?

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of community pages and official pages?
    "If it becomes very popular (attracting thousands of fans), it will be adopted and maintained by the Facebook community."
    As I understand it, only community pages and groups can send messages to their fans/members (without using software...). I also read about Facebook prohibting the ability to send messages and edit some parts of the pages when you attract a growing number of people.
    I am afraid to do all the work and then lose my page to Facebook.