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Discussion in 'Site Flipping' started by korfx04, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. korfx04

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    Feb 27, 2009
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    This is my brothers website, i'm just part owner. He's been updating the site daily for 3 years and it's his pride and joy. A Year ago, our server had a power surge during a storm and as soon the power came back on, the server failed to boot. I Tried a new power supply and even took the harddrive out and put it in my computer trying to get the backup of the website that i made a month prior, but the drive would not read.

    I asked my brother about selling it awhile back, but he didn't act like he wanted to sell it and i didn't bring it up to him anymore. Maybe if he see's offers on the table, it may change his mind. He sees this site as a hobby and doesn't really want to sell, but he doesn't understand how much money and effort it's going to take on my part to take it to the next level so-to-speak and i'm not going to sell it right out from under his nose, he's going to have to agree to it and not be one of those forced agreeing to sell it.

    So basically i'm wanting whoever that is seriously interested in the site to make a fair offer and i will show my brother every offer and when he's really sure that he wants to sell it. Then we'll sell it.

    But be warned, he will NOT accept paypal, because long time ago i sold a website for a good bit of money and as soon as the domain transfer was complete, the person filled a dispute with paypal and paypal was wanting me to provide a tracking number?? like really? so i lost the money and my domain.

    We will only accept a check and it will have to clear my bank before the transfer takes place.

    We have not monetized the site with ads, so i don't have the numbers on that and some how the analytic plugin i had got disabled and if you give me a week i can give you those numbers if you need those (just re-enabled it)

    Domain: letsallplaygames.com
    DA: 3 years


    Cpanel Monthly Stats

    Cpanel Day Stats

    Other then this, i really don't no much.. i just pay the bill for him and sometimes give it a blast with scrapebox or senuke.
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