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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by CenTu, Jun 4, 2012.

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    I want to bring this topic in discussion because I see that nobody has posted anything about it and this is happening for a week already.

    So what's happening ? You might have seen that some videos with only a few K views 2000-20000 views reach the most viewed page. In the past you needed at least 200K views to reach the mw page. In my opinion YouTube changed their algorithm and now the most viewed page is a combination of videos that get many views in short time, usually from channels with a big number of subscribers, and trending videos, the videos that have only a few K views, also the mobile views are barely counted anymore. These videos might be crawled by youtube from other big websites where they are embedded. I think these videos have many backlinks. This is just my personal opinion because I cant come with other ideeas right now, but I invite you to tell us more if you know.

    The most viewed page is important because if your video gets there it will get good traffic. The most viewed page is checked by a huge number of youtubers.

    My advice for those who buy a large number of views would be to get a guarantee from the service they are using that the video will get on the most viewed page (charts).
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    Similar thing have happened to the YouTube frontpage in the past. It always occurred when YouTube is doing some kind of update. So basically it will be fixed (probably in a few days), so if you want to buy a large amount of views to hit the youtube charts, you could better wait until it's fixed.

    I just don't get it how the YouTube engineers can make the same mess over and over again and still get away with it. Any other company that gets billion of views on their main page will fire your ass if you screw up the coding!
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    I think its just a small bug with YouTube. I don't think these channels are exploiting something to get to the front page.