Lets share strategies on Monetizing Current Events

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    There is no question current events are a magnet for traffic. Traffic is what we need to make money in this industry.

    Some of the methods to monetize current events include the following marketing channels.

    - Social Networking (Twitter, Facebook, Myspace, etc)
    - Social Video Sites - Youtube, etc.
    - Pay Per View Traffic - Lead Impact, DirectCPV, etc
    - Pay Per Click - Google Adwords, Microsoft Adcenter, etc.

    I'm sure there are other ways to monetize current events as well. Feel free to contribute here. My focus for this thread is for us to brainstorm on ways of using various channels to monetize a current event. For example, I'm sure someone has heard of the "man with the golden voice" Ted Williams? He has generated alot of interest recently and google trends is showing that.

    A piece of news like that can be used and promoted on all of the channels mentioned above. The question here is how do we monetize and make money with it?

    For example, someone could create a clickbank product claiming to teach someone how to have a voice like ted williams and sell it, etc. It could be promoted via PPV on specific websites.

    Another hot topic right now is Jim Harbaugh coaching the 49ers. Many people love sports, so promoting this type of information to hardcore 49er fans would definitely draw traffic and create interest. Figuring out the demographics here isn't rocket science, because the 49ers are located in San Francisco, so its just a matter of targeting that location, etc. To have a page filled with useful information and to put a content gateway on it would be an easy way to monetize the content on your site.

    Additionally if we can trigger emotions from the viewers this is powerful as well. If someone feels strongly about a particular subject, we are more likely to trigger some sort of response from them. If someone loves or dislikes Jim Harbaugh and doesn't want him on the 49ers, and we give user's an opportunity to share their thoughts about it and they feel strongly they probably will. We just need to make money on it.

    So my question is what are some ways we can take current events and monetize them via the various channels. Current events are plentyful so I don't think one person can hog them all! We can all benefit from sharing our experiences and knowledge here.
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    Well I think one of the best ways, for AdSense or the likes, would be to stay on-top of all global news, that way you could target global traffic. Find different sites and try putting news in your own words right as soon as these other sites do it too. Then if you start growing then you'd start growing with a global traffic coming to you. Alternatively you could do a country wide news and get mostly your countries traffic to your site.

    I'd like to see other peoples methods put here too, or ideas.
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