Lets make some real bank! Look inside for more Info.

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by CPAKing11, Oct 28, 2011.

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    Hey guys,

    I have seen that many people here posted about their needs for DP or WF accounts for some or the other JV. Though many people say that these forums are dead and we can't pull out any numbers from them but this is not the exact case.

    If you know what you are selling and how you should sell then you can easily make some quick bucks from these forums. Ofcourse your Profile score does matters. Here I am opening a JV for all those who are looking/willing to sell their products or services on these forums and make some easy bucks.

    DP:- My profile here have above 1k posts with nearly 100 itraders and approx 50 repo points. We can sell sites, seo services, ebooks, domains, vouchers etc here. They don't allow any spamming service. Got premier membership.

    WF:- 1 year old account with more then 230 posts and with war room membership. We can sell almost anything here and even spamming services unlike DP.

    But make sure that what ever you guys are promoting/selling should deliver that you claim in your sales page. I don't want negative repos for my profile.

    Let me know if any query.