Let's improve my way to request many friends requests on facebook

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    Hello guys,

    I need your help to can improve my scheme for adding a lot of facebook friends. My scheme working fine in my country and i have 5 profiles with 13 000 friends for 1 month work. If you can help me, we can do this with international friends, and this can help to many people to get traffic for sites or generate sales.. or you know what to do with this friends :) So with two words what i do?

    1. Facebook - I create a profile for some girl. First i find about 20-30 pictures, normal and some of the pics more sexy. I register the profile from some big city with biggest population, hide the friends from other people to be visibility only for me, becase the people can see this and they don't want to send me a friend request. I confirm phone confirmation and create some short url from facebook.. you know and that's everything with facebook profile.

    2. Dating site - I create a same profile with the same pictures and names, everyting the same on the girl. On this site i can put my facebook url, its not like url its like a text on my profile description but is the same. The people just copy and paste it and find my profile. The site is for adult dating i just get a 3-4 hot pictures of the girl, you know boobs for profile pictures, and open one browser to stay online all day.

    With this method i got 100-200 friend request daily of each profile. The scheme working fine and perfect, just the traffic from my country is very cheap, adsense clicks are 1 cent and i got only traffic with no money. From 700 uv/daily with this method in one of my daily news site i earn about 10-15 cents... It's too cheap and i need 7k and more traffic to earn some money.

    So let's do it with a international traffic, you know the first part is easy, but help me to find sites where you can put facebook profile url on the description on the profile, or.. you know, dosen't matter just to come more and more people for a friends. We can try this with more dating sites, not only one just need to find it. Or if you know a other method to get a many friends requests daily tell me please.