Let's help to this baby :(

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    Hello brothers and sisters,

    Today, 1 hour ago I found in facebook that this baby needs kidney transplantation! The father was boxer in Bulgaria, but here, there are no money in this sport and the government do not care much about it. The man is in Spain now looking for better life. Unfortunately his baby which is 9 months old, needs kidney transplantation to continue its life. The freedom of life which we all have , is something that this small person do not have. I believe that here are many good people which could help with 1-5 usd even more if you have. I personally donate 20 bucks for now , but I'm planing in the future to give them more. A also believe that BHW community could help, because we are strong together, we are army and we could help this little pal.

    For the price of one cup of coffee you are giving a hope, you are giving a life and you are giving a future!

    Paypal email :
    [COLOR=#333333][FONT=lucida grande][email protected][/FONT][/COLOR]
    Thank you guys!

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