Let's Get REAL - Are Blog Comments Effective?


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Oct 10, 2009
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There's a huge craze going on with high PR blog comments, but are they reall effective?

The fact of the matter is 99% of those things are HEAVILY SPAMMED or will be by the time others find out about them.

I've hired these links out and get pages with 250+ outgoing links that are spammed like crazy...

Do you guys genuinely believe that search engines see value in a link that's on a PR5 page, which is the toolbar PR which doesn't even matter, with 250 - 1,000 outgoing spammed links.

I don't know about you guys, but if you're building a real money website that you want to get ranked, I'd be skeptical of these kinds of links.

What are your results?
I had a dating affiliate site and spent about 3 hours blog commenting. The page I was linking to got 52 hits, and 3 affiliate sales.

So blog commenting is now in my link building strategy and I will be working on it daily.
It depends on the link quality. I have some mid to high pr do follow .gov and .edu sites that are worth it, but I am not sure about the standard .com blogs.
Depends on type of blog. I usually only comment to get link juice, but if you can find a good block with serious content, that's a different story.

One of my sites gets 250+ visitors / month from comments I made on one particular blog highly related to product on my aff site. And I'm making sales from these people.

But to answer your question: Yes blog commenting on high pr posts is worthy. I have no problems ranking a new site with low competition under 1 week. You just have to compile yourself a good list of blogs that:
- have high pr on homepage - all you have to do next is find good old posts
- preferably ********, but nofollow is also good
- aren't spammed to death

Finding these blogs isn't difficult, use Google.
I did some commenting on med PR blogs. I did it two times. The first time my site moved from 300 (it was there for long time) up to 100 and stayed there. The second time (after a month) my site moved to 50. The only thing I did was about 10-15 med PR ******** blog comments.
I guess we have to think if you're asking about blog comments on their own or as part of a linking strategy.

I disagree that 99% of them are already spammed, there are literally hundreds of blogs with quality PR that have little to no comments on them. Does that make them any more effective than the ones everyone use? I don't know.

When you think about it, it would be so easy for google to check if the link posted is part of a comment section and disregard it. They're so easy to come by that perhaps google already gives them little credit. IF link forms part of comment then disregard.

You could say the same thing for article directories, bookmarking and so on. Perhaps that's why it's important to do all those things in conjunction with blog comments so it looks natural. A site solely mentioned on blog comments is not going to look very natural is it? I don't think so.
if blog owner deleted those comments then you would lose those backlinks . But this happens when too much spam commenting on a site
I disagree with the OP. Some of my best backlinks are from blog comments I made to articles I was interested in. I am still looking into how to turn this into a SEO strategy.
Is there a way to tell if the blog comments are moderated?

I have tried posting comments and it seems that all I find the blog comments are moderated which seems would be hard to get the comments approved. At least the ideal comments I would like to make.

any comment on this? it almost says that blog commenting is dead.
I have just recently done 100+ comments, and I'm starting to think they are not very effective at all. Maybe too early too say though.
commenting works. as long as it contains your keywords and your link.
One of my sites main source of traffic is blog comments... lots and lots of blog comments say about 5k. I pull about 50 comments from random places and then spin them. I post my link at the end of the blog comment which drives reader traffic to my site. In order to not be seen as spam I have many many deep links that I also link to. It all only added up to about 1k backlinks, but I tend to recieve at least a few hits a day from each post that is published. It all equals up to about 15,000 uniques per day. The key to blog comments is to use ones that are relavant and that have some social engineering involved.
I think it works. It's not my primary method but everything helps in the end.
any comment on this? it almost says that blog commenting is dead.

yes i heard google says something about it too,but I do not know how google robots methode recognize the link using comment spamm,

well maybe just google do campaign to stop comment spammer :)
Sometimes googlebot can read ips which is why proxies should be used. You also shouldn't post the same comment over and over because it will just be seen as duplicate content.
I think all matters is on which blog u r posting. A high traffic blog with a rank below 1000 will definitely make you money. Quality is also important, if its a crappy post, search engines will penalize your link and visitors won't even read it!
it is definitely working for me 100%

since i started blog commenting i have made some nice jumps in serp.

also it is very fast and very easy to do once you get a few good methods.
i had stupid make money blog going to pr4 after just few weeks of blog spamming, so few weeks i spammed my site commenting on not more than quality blogs, then there was pr update and i got PR4, jesus its effective!
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