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    Hello! So, none of us want to get banned for botting or other reasons. The hardest part with that is understanding Instagrams detection algorithm, so if you would like to help, I am trying to compile some data to analyze what could potentially factor into a ban. If you dont mind, here are a few general questions.

    The following questions are meant to apply to only one account, not all of the ones you own. If you have 3 accounts, you can fill out 3 seperate forms, but please do not add all the data together. For example if you have 3 accounts with 10k followers each, dont say you have 30k followers. Make 3 seperate forms (or just only give data for 1 account). This is so the data is not skewed

    Please be sure not to include your usernames or your niche. This is supposed to be as anonymous as possible.
    Has your account been banned? (Yes/No This does NOT include 24hr blocks. This is only asking if you've been perm banned)
    Date of ban? (leave blank if not banned)
    Age of account?
    How many followers?

    How are you monetizing? (Shouts, sponsored ads, CPA link, etc)
    Do you have a link in your bio?
    Do you have an email in your bio?
    Do you have a kik or any other advertising platform in your bio?

    Likes per day:
    Likes delay:
    Follows per day:
    Follows delay:
    DMs per day:
    DM delay:
    Comments per day:
    Comments delay:
    Time your bot runs? (hrs per day)
    Do you ever take breaks?
    How long have you been botting? (3 days, 5 months, 1 year etc)
    Which bot are you using?
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    I think all you need is: Delays which are long enough, not too many follows,comments and likes/day and better not having any links in your profile.
    You will be fine if you do that
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    Possibly, however, I am trying to take a statistical approach to figuring that out.