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If we will make a Global Online Business with Finantial Gurantee,Will not it be a good?

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    Hi Friends,I am a newbie on BHW.But as a newbie I have got a lot of support from many BHW friends.I am from a third world country where online business opportunities are really limited for the citizens.I am writing this thread from my experience I owned from my freelance career in several limitations.

    As a man it is impossible for everybody to know everything. But if there is any unity among the Internet Marketers as well as Freelancers on a particular verified virtual platform where each will be able to propose his/her business strategy with others professionally and also everybody will get 100% transaction guarantee against their actions,it will be very supportive for all virtual workers to feel proud.

    Online workers of third world countries do not get equal facilities to earn money from Internet you know.But everybody has a minimum movement on Internet world that actually the minimum opportunities or them.Citizens from the first world countries help them by providing several types of freelance tasks.Thanks to the citizens of those countries who helps us by providing jobs.

    I have decided to create a verified business platform where we all will be able to work together more closely with dependency.

    I am requesting all the respectable members of BHW to put their valuable opinions and suggestions.

    If anybody wants to be my journey partner,WELCOME anytime to make footstep with a further discussions.

    Tnx all friends.