Lesson 1 about testing SEO

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    Don't do too many things at once!

    As a newb, I have the weakness of being to enthusiastic and impatient when it comes to trying to improve SEO and rank higher.

    The result, doing too many things at once.

    I paid for a backlink service. Then, before it was even finished, I blasted my website with AMR.

    Then, even after the above were barely finished, I used an on-page SEO optimizer to adjust some content.

    My problem:
    My site has been jumping all over the fucking place.

    I have no idea if the service bumped my site up huge ranks, or if it was AMR, or adjusting my on-page SEO.

    I have no idea if the service, AMR, or on-page tweaking is now shitting on my ranking cuz it dropped 30 positions.

    Bottom line, I have no idea which improved my ranking and which hurt my ranking!!!

    Lesson 1 learned. Test one thing at a time, be fucking patient and work on other projects.

    Once the dust has settled, I am going to test 1 keyword with a service, another keyword with amr alone, and then maybe different keyword for some manual whitehat seo to compare them more intelligently, putting competition into consideration of course.
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    That is why I have sites that I test on. I don't test services here though, that would be expensive, but Fiverr gigs or my own stuff I use on these domains because SEO can have an affect almost immediately or in months, and if you want to really find out what is currently working then you are going to have to wait to see results.
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    That's a nice post buddy!

    I totally agree, you should show Google that you are doing it in the right way

    I mean NATURALLY

    When your website is new, wait a while then make FEW backlinks, then increase that with the time more and more to show Google that your website is WORTH IT