Lego and Keurig Wholesaler needed

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    Jul 10, 2012
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    I have a new small business and so far I've been able to obtain most of my products through accidental connections and closeouts, but I need something more reliable. First questions, how does a small business find wholesalers to purchase their products through?

    I have extremely good Lego sales and my Keurig sales are growing by the day. Can anyone suggest some reputable wholesalers for either of these product lines? Niether Lego or Keurig are interested in my bulk sales request. For the legos, I need both a closeout lego supplier and a new lego supplier (meaning current year models). I would also be interested in other name brand toy wholesalers (either closeout/overstock or current product).

    Thank you in advance for your guidance. It's truly appreciated!