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    Hello guys, been around the forums recently, reading heavily for methods and stuff (no downloads...I don't think I could if I wanted lol)
    I feel bad leeching off some of this great information, as I've been a leecher before (hacks...mmorpg games...that kind of stuff) and the attitude towards a leecher still sticks with me to this day.

    So I wanted to give back with a "method", some motivation and inspiration to all noobs to stop reading..and....right here...I mean it.....dammit. I give up....

    I've been here 4 months since I've started the MMO project.
    I'm sitting around in the summer, being lazy and doing nothing. One day I'm so tired, I figure to stop wasting time and see if I could use some of it to make money.

    Intro to Grizzly's adsense blog - take a wild guess on what keywords I typed to get there lol.

    4 months...adsense sucks.
    Made 7...and that's from spamming youtube with ringtone offers...to an adsense page...with really bad clicks lol.
    20 videos are time consuming to make...took almost all day...but even with those 7 dollars...I had proof that there is money to be made. Some of you laugh, roll your eyes, but now I've just made 90 in 5 days.
    Of course...I've turned to CPA....LOL - just killed the moment where you might've thought I'd give away some adsense plan. I still have plans for adsense, but as common knowledge goes - it takes time.
    I was impatient...not a get rich quick guy....but a make-anything-fast guy. I was patient to make money, but I need results...FAST. Dollars, quarters, pennies...I needed to know what worked.
    Testing...the key. I know to have patience now...but I turned to CPA anyways...since it seemed easy to make money ... submits and all.

    I'm with **************, I know...I know...the poorest network or w/e...lowest offers. But that shit worked for me lol, I made a 10 minute site with one movie and have been hitting $10 - 20 days in the past week, little promotion.
    Of course it helps to promote a foreign movie...but anyways lol.

    I know I've wasted some time...in all my rush to make money I collected so much information....now I'm in CPA I'm trying to "study up"
    All these damn ebooks are starting to say the same things....and I've realized it's time to take action.

    Being a college student (oh noes) I'm use to taking directions...this whole business world is hard to get used to - making your own decisions....listening to your experience and guiding yourself through it all.
    Being an infoaddict didn't help either...still I do it to this day...now to find ideas to twist into life, although I've got something I could easily scale up and run to the bank.

    BUT the tv/movie niche is kind of illegal...lol, so I'm rambling through "white hate" ways. I could be one of the laziest mofos on the planet, but when it's time to work, I'll be a damned busy bee.
    I'm sitting around, waiting for the right method to fall into my lap before I turn it up big scale...

    Here I am sitting in bed, and ideas just popping out left and right. Forget the books, you've got to use your own brain.

    I believe if you want to make money, you WILL do so. I joke around "If you believe, you can achieve" (I believe it on the low though )

    Forget traffic generation, it's all about traffic vacuuming. Go to places with your kind of traffic and buy adspace, JV, buy the site, guest post, etc. to take some of that traffic for yourself and make money.

    One place is...tada...Facebook.
    METHOD HERE FO LAZY READERS ... I caught you skimmin....

    My method with Facebook...is probably not limited to it.
    It's an old one, but sometimes you got to bring them up to make a point. (BE CREATIVE)

    I don't know how many people do this, I'm 4 months new lol.

    The old "If xxx join, yyy will happen".

    Put up link, rinse and repeat.


    "If 500,000 people/preferrably horny young boys & men join, then random girl will show her boobs"
    When limit reaches or you just get bored of waiting, post up link.
    Everyone on the list will get a notification, and run into your offer. Could be CPA, could be an ebook, adsense page, w/e.

    I haven't tested this lol...but I'm pretty sure you'll see good results...after all..."sex sells".

    Sometimes it's about spinng dead methods to life one way or another.
    Other times it's about making money off the stupidest and weirdest shit people do....like being addicted to post-it notes, or scratch n sniffe, cutting themselves, etc.

    it's 2010, and I need to stop bein lazy, anyone with?

    I don't know...since that was an old trick that might've been used before...I guess another idea of mine could do.

    It's not an idea...more like a motto or a plan...but it gets you thinking.

    "Stop digging for gold and start selling shovels (and other supplies)"

    Just like back in the Gold Rush days, the first people who came probably mined the place clean. The second group came and found squat...but they could sell their supplies to the next group to come...searching for gold.
    Think about it.

    Shucks, I just might make this an ebook and sell it lol.

    Lol, I feel iffy if I really contributed at all...but that's enough of "paying for my sins". Off to make some money.
    sorry to say I won't be much of a member, but I'll be around here and there....for now it's time to take action!