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    May 4, 2010
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    I have white hat fish to fry so I am leaving the game. I sold 1 Insanity and 1 Rosetta Stone Spanish(latin) this week on Craigslist. Due to my schedule, I don't have time to run around town nickle and diming this. I am going to liquidate the remaining inventory. I will take Google Checkout as payment and pay for the shipping. I will send you a tracking. Here is what I hate:

    6 Stephen Strasburg White Majestic Baseball Jerseys...different sizes($25/pop on egay)
    5 Raybans--different styles ($15-20 all day long)
    2 Drew Brees Jerseys-White...different sizes($30-40 all day long)
    3 Rosetta Stone...Spanish-latin...volumes 1-5..comes with everything ($75 on CL all day long)

    $100 includes shipping
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