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    I have been a self-taught programmer for the last 9 years, and currently attending university to further my knowledge in the programming field. I want to become successful online, but my current attempt with a single product & locker is not going all that well. With time of the essence I am offering my multi-language programming services (specializing in automatiion) for assistance with: establishing a successful site/niche, driving some traffic, and even earning a little bit.

    Basically, I am proposing to write any kind of program and/or script for a mentor that helps me get started making some money. The future goal is earning $10/day so any steps in the right direction will help. I have a beefy vps, a couple of domains, and know how to design and code. I just lack the knowledge, or the time for trial and error until I learn it.. that's why I'm offering my programming services for a head start in the right direction.