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Learning From A Mistake? Offering SEO Services.

Discussion in 'Offline Marketing' started by Jon0, Sep 14, 2011.

  1. Jon0

    Jon0 Regular Member

    Aug 5, 2011
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    Ok, so i've been emailing some local companies of late offering some SEO services. I contacted around 30 businesses, of which one got back to me within half an hour. Here is my opener....

    Hello, i've noticed a few directory sites along with cityplumbing.co-uk outrank your site for 'Plumbers In Chester'. I find this a bit ironic because i believe your site has more potential than theirs. In fact with a few tweaks here and there i bet i can get your site ahead of theirs. I know you get these crappy emails all the time but i'm just your local internet geek here in Wrexham. So, i think i can help you here. I'd love a chat and explain how in a few weeks we can improve your site and start getting you some more leads.

    Cheers, Jono.

    He replied a short while later...

    Hi Jono

    Thanks for getting in touch.I do know the basis of search optimisation however I use google sites which is very simple to use however I've been told by a google geek marketing friend it is restricted in its ability.

    What is your rate of pay?


    I was quite amazed he was already asking for a price! However, i think i blew it with the following reply as 72 hours later, he hasn't replied back. But at least the opener seems to catch their attention.

    Hi Stel, Your site may be restricted in it's use however i'd say the reason you're not ranking too well is because of the lack of keywords (Plumbers In Chester) is mentioned once on your main page. Would normally charge £167. I'd be quite happy to work on your site for 7-10 days or so free of charge. I'd keep in close contact and give you a report every 3 days or so and see where we're at. If you're not happy come the end of it, you won't need to pay a penny so there isn't a risk involved whatsoever. I think i've got you down as ranked 38 on Google, so you're missing out on quite a few potential leads. Look forward to hearing from you!


    I know i probably went on far too much. In this situation, what would YOU have said, to close the deal? Cheers :)