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    Google analytics give details and an insight about traffic to your website.this provide you details like how many visitors come to your website, from where, what pages they landed on, the type of browser they were using, the most effective and the least effective pages on the website, etc. use this information to improve the performance of the website.

    The google analytics is also helpful to business websites because it allows them to set up goals with which they can track conversions.
    1. Audience
    2. Advertising
    3. Traffic-sources
    4. Content
    5. Conversion

    Audience- in this option of analytics we have all information about user as well as total visit of website.
    Audience have five parts
    1. Overview ? in this we have total visit data, pagesview, pages /visit data about our website.all data are defined by using image/graph/circle.
    2. Demographics ? this part define us about user location, user language.from which country user belong, which language use by user.all detail in a list form.
    3. Behavior- in behavior part news vs returning, frequency, engagement are showing.
    4. Technology- in technology section we have all detail of user technology like which browser and operating system were using by user, network(service provider) of user.
    5. Mobile- mobile section tell us about user device like user accessing our website using tablet, ipad n all that. all detail about user device.
    6. Custom-
    (1) Custom variable
    (2) User define
    (3) Visitor flow

    Advertising- in this we have many section-
    1. Adword- Adword are define about keywords used in our website. In this user matched searche queue, destination URL, keyword position, day-part all things are defined. Day part section tell us - which time of the day user access our website. we get visit/hour data.ex- 5pm ? 460 visit, 6pm- 700 visit.
    (1) Keywords
    (2) Matched search queues
    (3) Destination URL
    (4) Day parts
    (5) Campaigns
    (6) Placement
    (7) keyword position
    These all are related with keywords of our website. How many keywords used, which keyword are used, Keyword position all basic things are described.

    Traffic ? sources :- this is the main part of the google analytics. This section play important role. This traffic -section provide us traffic detail.
    1. Overview
    2. Sources
    3. Searches
    1- Overview- in overview section we have three part
    1. Searches traffic
    2. Referral
    3. Direct
    All data of traffic are shown by graph.
    2- Sources ?
    1. All traffic ? this section define complete traffic including direct and referrals.
    2. Direct ? in direct section only show direct traffic numbers coming to our website
    3. Referrals- referrals define the referrals traffic means traffic coming from another site like social media ,link building.

    3- Searches- searches define the number of traffic including keywords
    1. Overview
    2. Organic ? complete pure traffic without paid
    3. Paid- define paid traffic
    4. Campaigns- using campaigns link social media, promotion activity

    4- SEO
    1. Queries
    2. Landing pages
    3. Geographical summary- its define the country, impression and click separately. Traffic coming from Country , how many clicks n all that.

    5- Social
    1. Overview- define traffic coming from facebook, blogger activity
    2. Sources
    3. Pages
    4. Conversion
    5. Social plug-in
    6. Social visitor flow

    3- Content- this section define about content of our website
    1. Overview
    2. Site content- site content have four points
    (1) All pages
    (2) Content drilldown
    (3) Landing pages
    (4) Exit pages

    3. Site speed
    Overview ? site speed define average load time, response time, connection time n all that about website.
    (1) Lookup time
    (2) Page timing
    (3) User timing

    4. Site search- site search define about search time, usages, pages of website.

    5. Events-
    (1) Overview
    (2) Tops events
    (3) Events flow

    6. Ad sense-
    (1) Overview
    (2) Adsense page
    (3) Adsense referrers
    (4) Experiment
    (5) In page analysis

    7. Conversion-

    1. Goals-
    (1) Overview
    (2) Goal URL
    (3) Reverse goal path
    (4) Funnel visualization
    (5) Goal flow

    2. E-Commerce-
    (1) Overview
    (2) Product performance
    (3) Sales performance
    (4) Transaction
    (5) Time to purchase

    3 . Multichannel - funnel
    (1) Overview
    (2) Assisted conversion
    (3) Top conversion path
    (4) Path length