Learn C# or Java?

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    Ok so this isnt another noob thread, I actually am a longtime coder. I started by learning Python and gradually I grew into a web developer, and I am intermediate at PHP/MySQL (I'm an OOP)

    One would think that knowing PHP is enough but it's not. I'd rather learn to code my own tools in the long run than buy a $97 program such as Twtzilla

    So I came back to my roots and started looking into desktop programming languages. At first it was Java and Visual Basic. But since C# seems more of my fit (OOP, similar to PHP syntax a little), it's now Java or C#.

    I think that with Java it would be better in the long run being that well... it's Java lol! :D

    However, I heard the learning curve with C# is significantly less, so this would enable me to start pumping out Black Hat apps quicker not only for myself, but for the community. And eventually coding some commercial apps :cool:

    Also, these apps would almost always be connecting to web services, which language has the better libraries for that? I know that Market Samurai is Java, but the almighty Scrapebox is .NET, right?

    Any suggestions?
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    software developer
    It all depends on what platform you want to code on. If its mostly microsoft then its pretty obvious :) I thought C# is just the ms version of Java so I don't see how much harder / easier it can be anyway. I mean if your an OOP already it shouldn't matter.

    btw I'm a java guy
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    Well I plan to learn Java and C# by the end of this year. Right now I currently know VB.NET, PHP/MYSQL, and Javascript. I decided to learn another 2 languages.
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