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Mar 13, 2009
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I am looking for guys who got affiliate accounts on LEAding CPA networks

like hydra networks and similar.

and they don't know how to earn money with it or not have much time .

what ever the case is I am here to hep u guys make some money

PM me with your IM and CPA accounts you got
i have hydra and copeac
What methods will you use? Please describe.
How will the revenue be shared?
I've got all the accounts you'll ever need... Hydra, Neverblue, Clickbooth, Copeac, Ads 4 Dough, Primary Ads, XY7, ROI Rocket - you name it, I got it.

I can get you any account you want. And as many as you want.
i have a few extra here and there. Let me know what youre thinking
so do we let hear your plan.
Do you have this jv still open?? I am intrested.
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