Lead Magnet - Design & Placement on Affiliate blog?


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Jan 17, 2016
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As we all know, a crushing lead magnet is just crucial if you want to grow your email list and be able to market your products via e-mail marketing.

My lead magnet content is currently getting produced and in the meantime, I am trying to figure out how to design the lead magnet banner so it's as eye-catching and converting as possible..

I underlined "banner", because I am kinda confused about this.

Some people say I need a landing page for my lead magnet but from my own observations I only see that people have their lead magnets as pop-ups on their website or in the sidebars / footers of the website.

Do I need both? A landing page for the lead magnet with opt-in fields and banners with opt-in fields on my website? Or only one of them?

If you were designing the graphics of your lead magnet, how would you catch your visitors eyes?

Where do I place my lead magnet to get most opt-ins as possible?
How do I design my lead magnet graphics, so it's getting the attention from all my visitors?

All the best,
- Korbes.
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