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    I am from the US, but not currently in the US. I have the ability to call the US unlimited constantly, and of course since I am from the US I have no business culture issues. But I am SHIT on the phone.

    I created a nice SMS service, figured out how to do something from this country that works in the US, so I can sign up any company and give them unlimited texts monthly no problem.

    My question here is leads.... How the hell do I get them. I mean, I went from doing straight up SEO, which I do well and haven't quit obviously since I haven't blown into this yet, to wanting to do offline SMS.

    I don't have the ability to do walk ins, I tried to obtain some outsourcers and took two routes, one, I paid $8 an hour + $100 commission on any sales. And the other was just straight up commission.

    I make enough with SEO to cover the costs, but the problem was the people themselves. I went through tons of people in a period of two months, and most never picked up the phone, and the ones that were dying to pick up the phone couldn't speak english well, so I unfortunately could not hire them (though I was pretty tempted).

    I am just about to say hell with it, and try my hand at the phones, but again, I start to speak like gibberish on the phone, like stage fright behind it.

    If anyone has any suggestions, please shoot them out there for me.