[launch] Local SEO, busienss ciations, & Custom Mobile Website Program. 30% Payout!

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    Hello BHW,
    I have, what I believe is, a very exciting affiliate program to offer. I have been offering Local SEO to my clients and to people on this forum for over 5 years. I'm now starting a local SEO and mobile website development affiliate program. All affiliates are paid with 5 days and are provided with your own affiliate area to keep track of your sales and find your links. All affiliates are provided with banners, links, and other information to make selling easier.

    Payout is 25% of all sales!

    The first 10 people to sign up are provided with a sales page and 30% commission for the life of your account.

    So what type of Local SEO products are we going to offer?
    • Local business directory submission- all done by hand, double checked, and filled out 100%. Any easy to fill out form is provided to the purchaser after check out and no further work is required by you. Packages are in amounts of 50.
    • Google Maps optimization- I have been ranking google maps in the top 3 slots for over 4 years and have adapted to every change Google has made. There are 3 packages for this affiliate option and each come with the basics such as optimizing the google map (will send card of PV if needed), website optimization, citations, local backlinks, and a few other goodies.
    • Mobile websites- Beautifully designed mobile websites that are created individually for each customer. You will be provided with sales material if you plan on selling locally/face-to-face. Each mobile site is designed for each specific client. Forms are provided which make gathering info straight forward. You can either be part of the design process via out project management system or hand the project over to us for completion.

    Those are there areas we will be starting with. Other areas that will be added later are set-price website design, local and national seo, and online reputation management.

    You will be able to market these offers with PPC, social media, email, and any other forms of advertising. We can offer special offers, discount codes, and more for advertisers who qualify. Advertisers who qualify can markup our products and still purchase them at the original price while still getting their commission.

    We are in the final stages of development and are looking to fill the first 10 spots before the launch at the end of next week. If you are looking to sell more high quality products to your clients this is your chance!

    PM me with your name, email, phone, and experience with online marketing. I will get back to you within 24 hours.

    I'm looking forward to you guys making a lot of money!
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