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    This is my 1st thread here, so bear with me.

    I am here to discuss Latest Link Building strategies

    Kindly share yours (only quality link building)

    Few I am thinking to do are

    1: Top 20 article directories with unique articles (it can 50)
    2: Top 50 web2.0 with unique articles ( backlinks with blog networks, profiles, comments)
    3: Manual comments on high pr (Pr2+) 10 to 15 OBL
    4: Bookmarking only on top 100 bookmarking sites
    5: Some good profile links (100, on top sites)
    6: 10 good paid directories.
    7: social sites
    8: Some niche blog posts, it can guest posts or i buy it

    Yes , of course diversity in anchor, raw anchors etc..

    I know it all cost much, but worth for long term ranking. is it?

    share your thought about quality link building.

    few questions

    1: what are good paid directories in pr4+ range ( is it working with new panda)

    2: web2.0 properties back links with profiles, comments, blog networks, articles, are good?

    3: I mentioned 8 points, which one u drop, and why?

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    I know most people will say use the search for this, as these questions are answered.

    I'd like to search and put them all in one place for you, but I can't post links yet... sorry

    Look at the thread post date and you'll get the most recent threads.

    I'd say order of "strength" of the listed elements are:

    8: contextual PR backlink on a niche blog post - great!
    2: contextual links via web2.0 - link wheels etc.
    1: Directories - hammer them - pretty easy "spray and prey" - or try Fiverr
    5: Profile links - Fiverr - get "Angela & Pauls links"
    3: Comments, you can do yourself easily and engage the blog poster. Try not to use too much of a spammy "username"
    7: Social sites is broad--- depends on what you wanna do
    4: bookmarking is easy - outsource, or again - Fiverr
    6: Paid directories are "okay", but IMO least important
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    1. Generate unique content on your money site.
    2. Spread it socially organically or through a paid method to make it look organic (fiverr, etc)
    3. Get likes on the article on your money page.
    4. Write articles and generate links to the money site.
    This is the natural way links are created. Just imagine if everything you write is worth pure gold. All you would need to do is write the article on your own website, and your friends and readers would talk about it socially and link to it. This is also called viral and link bait. I believe this is what google panda likes to see. I do seo and local seo for a company and this is the strategy I personally use. I also will use senuke, scrapebox and xrumer once the linkbait is spread socially. Feel free to PM me if yo need assistance. Hope this helps dude.
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    Tons of legit information. Just to add my thoughts...
    First update your site with good fresh and quality content. Remove the duplicate and copied content in your site. After that you can go on for building the backlinks for your site.

    Try to build backlinks that related to your business niche. Never get backlinks from SPAM sites. Use white hat SEO techniques for building the backlinks. If possible try to participate on forums that related to your business and add your signature. This helps in improving the traffic to your site. Your backlink should be from trusted sites.
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    Social "spreading" of articles doesn't work.