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    HELLO ALL ( sorry for bad english )

    i 'm mehdi i read a lot of posts on BHW for 1 years ok when i read a post with a title 10 dollar per day
    i were happy i said this for newbie so it for me but when i read it and translate some words in google translation because my english is not my natie language i had to have a domain or hosting
    i closed and i quit but i don't have money i wished i star with 0 money but i had time to work manually
    after 5 mounths i decided to get money so as to buy domain so to use adrian method i read his articls and posts of reupluad ....i bought domain and i cantacted members of crackrevenue
    for reviewing my account after i used many methods to have traffic but i was so difficult because
    i dont have money to buy adult traffic ...and i decides to buy sign up on fiver but i dont knew it s
    forbidden in crackrevenue i was stupid i dont read this in ruls of website ( i baught 25 sign with 5 dollar ) i lost 62 dollar i got it in 45 days i coudln't bear or support that moment for restricte my account.. i forget this methods after 2 mounths i decide to be motivate and i had idea to creat a website but the idea was a website for sharing a imag selfie of couple .. i posted some question and helps and a member of BHW was so generous and kind he descided to offer me
    A HOSTING AND DOMAIEN AFTER I TRIED EFFORTS FOR INSTALL WORDPRES i had't any idea about how to install wordpress and add post o website more efforts
    .....BUT I FOUND A PROBLEM WITH ADSENCE BECAuse the ads can't be shwon displayed on my website and wait it 20 days but no result i hated my self and i quit the website but now i come back to another chance i have 10 dollar i went some somebody help me i want just start with website and make on it adsence but i want someone help on skype or teamviwer to resolv probelms of adsence and help me how to get nich and key word or if you have suggestion like instgramm tell me just i prefer to see photos and videos post and writting is so hard to applie thats alli m jobleess my skype albani.0 or let me your skype on private i will be thankfull and never forget yout help help me if you can i want just 100 per months to cover my charge
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    for you mate i might suggest try to manually build around 5-10 instagram accounts if you can build good IG accounts you can sell them for a good price after few months no intial investments, If you can get 10K followers in each of those accounts you can then think you can keep them and monitize or sell each account atleast for $100++ but you cant fake the followers you have to pick few good niches and work hard finding pictures and uploading them. But if you cheat to get the followers no one will buy your accounts.

    If you work hard surelly it can change your life. You surely have the will to succeed but your execution is really poor.

    Adsense takes some time mate. See your english isn't good so you have to outsource the articles so i don't think adsense is good for you. try something else with that 10$s. Something like building affiliate website or else you can build a youtube account and make money out of that but you have to work hard.

    I took my time and typed this so try to get something. PM me if you need any help
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    good luck mate.