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Oct 13, 2011
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I need help.. i want to put a landing page from a cpa offer to my blogspot page.. but i dont get it..
sorry for my english i come from germany
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Dont get what? A landing page is essentially a page visitors arrive on which is used as a sales page or a page capable of driving traffic deeper into your site.

It needs to answer the visitors 'query' quickly and encourage action, so landing pages are often built around the search terms that send visitors to the page, or the referred traffic.

They often have minimal navigation so as not to confuse visitors and guide them in a particular direction.
If you want minimal navigation or a different layout you will need to modify the theme.

Some really good landers just use images and buy buttons... All depends what you are trying to achieve.
Step#5 ? Make the blog
The next step is to make a blog at and add the code that?s below into the template. This code will redirect the user to your affiliate offer and since it?s a blogspot blog any body snooping around will not get your real info as they can?t really do a "whois" search at blogger.
<script language="javascript">
document.location='YOUR AFFILIATE LINK HERE';

this point doesnt work for me...
It just means put in the affiliate link url, something like:


Wher 12345 is your affiliate code

I need help.. i want to put a landing page from a cpa offer to my blogspot page.. but i dont get it..
sorry for my english i come from germany

Do you mean you want to copy the landing page from your CPA offer to your blog?

If so, I don't see why you would want to do this. Just create some post/review on your blog for the CPA offer and provide a link to the actual offer page, that's all you really need for a landing page.
okay.. but if i make a video for youtube, which link should i put in the discription? my blog link or the offer link? because the offer link in my blog is very small ! thats why i wanted a redirection from the blog to the offer link!
Well if you arent doing any further selling with your blog, then just direct link to the offer.

DONT put that link as is on youtube, nobody will click a long stupid link with numbers and crap (which i guess the offer link will have).

Instead use a domain shortener like and use that.

Also be aware that the advertiser will still be able to see where you are sending traffic from, so make sure youtube promotion is allowed if you want to see any cash.
thanks for your help!
can i send you the video in pm and you give me feedback?
Well, create a post and your blog that explain the product and put the link of the product on the bottom of your post, that's all.
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