[LAB] Study PR effect and Causes

Discussion in 'White Hat SEO' started by HostStage, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Hey all,

    Wonderful morning this morning, a cup of coffee in my garden in the south of France. Sun is rising and I'm listening to "cigales" with my dog and my cat playing around.

    The must of this morning remains in Page Rank Update.

    Yesterday, i've seen many ppl jumping of joy for a PR update. I thought i was the black duck cause i didn't get any update.

    But this morning, i jump from PR1 to PR3 on my personal blog, PR2 for a website i'm working on, and PR0 and another webiste i finished few months ago.

    THe thing which is weird is that the PR0 website is better (code) speaking but less traffic than others. W3C speaking the PR0 is the best and loading time too. He also got a backlink on every page of a ebay like website (45K) from it.

    Social Network seems to contribute something also, because i promote the new PR2 one quite a lot (twiends like).

    I checked a few days ago with a PR trend analyzer and the results was really sharp ! I got what it reported to me !

    I'll go on my desktop PC to provide the link to you.

    If some ppl, has some more element to understand how PR is working. It seems that google put some trust again in PR results with Panda, i'll check ranking effect also

    So far, i'd bet on :

    - Traffic
    - Social Networking
    - backlinks variety