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    Hi all!
    I had an idea earlier today and I was thinking of how to monetize it, but till now I can't think of somthing 100% workable.

    What I had in my mind:

    There is a free L2(Lineage 2) project called l2j. As you know many people are playing this game, so I started thinking of monetization. The first thing witch poped in my mind was a donation system, when evey donator will be awarded with an unique in game item, witch doesn't sound promising at all. Then I come across the idea of finding a sponsor(not so possible with all of the servers available), then some other nonsense stuff and finally I stoped to a variant witch can probabbly be working. I'm talking about ads integration in the game. I have some java experience and I really belive that it's possible to place ads - for example in the right corner of the screen. The ads will be game related, so some of the players may be interested and click on 'em. The ad will not be shown all the time. It will be shown for 3 minutes and then dissapear for 10. After these minutes a new add will appear in the corner(witch will get the players attention). To me it sounds really promissing and unique way to make some cash. It has never been used. I'm sharing my idea because I know that 99.8% of you will not even think about it and pass, but the other 0.2% may take an advantage of it(somthing that will not kill the potential method).

    The cost is about $120/month for a dedicated server.

    Please, share your opinion with me and please excuse my english.