Kunaki CD print-on-demand. What does the no-case option look like?

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    Noticed that there aren't any Kunaki threads here for about 5 years.

    So they have this CD that is sold without case (no-case) option. They also have the regular jewel case option.

    Now if I get a no-case option on Trepstar.com, it comes in a plastic sleeve for protection. Kunaki.com does not state what the no-case option looks like. Does anyone here know? I can sell CDs in a plastic sleeve. I can not sell them without the plastic sleeve.

    Also, their strange software seems to want me to put the CD I am to sell in my own cd-drive. That sounds weird and old-school. I have no cd-drive. Can I use virtualbox?

    I have asked Kunaki these questions, but they are the type of company that has barely any support.
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    I have found their support to be quite helpful.

    You can use the new product option and then select no case from the drop down menu. This will give you more upload options.

    No case means no case -- I am fairly sure you will get nothing, but they are the ones to ask.