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    To all of you who want to bring home the money i got a way you could get massive profits in your local town,and it doesnt require nothing but time,10 minute sales pitch,3 local smokeshops...

    So in your local area there are smokeshops that are selling Herbal Scent for $15 a gram for diffrent blends.Find a wholesaler that is going to sell at better prices than competition,The people who do business with local business owners understand that the quality of the product has to b good,and if you can Gurantee the product you can get store owners to buy the minimum amount at $1800

    Find somebody that can sell the 3 grams for $9, 6 grams for $13
    The store retail price go for $34.99 per 3 grams

    Once you get good prices like that store owners could turn around and make 200% can also take the numbers i listed and add $2 to each price and everything else is your profit.

    Im telling people this because it can make them massive profits for just having 5 stores making minimum orders of $1500 (5*1800=$7500) per week making you a profit of $1725 per week .Thats just 5 stores.

    This is an offline method that alot of people could try out and do minimal ework except take orders ..I gave you guys an example of what the numbers look like ,and if you want to get started i have the product for wholesale price so send me a pm or post here so we can talk business i am a Kryptonite Sales Representative.[QUOTE