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    OK. I have been working on kendra's way of getting links with scrapebox, after I had limited success even with on-topic celebrity blogs. I will still try with them, but I don't want to put all my eggs in one basket.

    So with Micallef's help I have been trying to 'track the trails' of the spammers. Going well so far but I wish my computer and internet were faster. God daymmm I'm finding a lot of links.

    Located a notorious spammer who is ranking 1st for terms like viagra etc. So I analyzed his links: some are direct links from what seem to be buffer sites. Others are blog spam, but on KOREAN (.co.kr) blogs. I try to get scrapebox to read these blogs but when I try on the link extractor to find more spammers, I get invalid page or when I try to use blog analyzer they are all unknown, when I can read the page and see all their viagra spam.

    The problem is I can't read korean so I don't know how the hell to post there, and preferably I would like this to be automated anyway.

    A massive trail I am finding for spammers is: Turkish and Korean **************** blogs which are spammed to high heaven.

    Would there be any way to be able to make scrapebox recognise these foreign blogs so it can post on them? It seems like such a waste, as SB is ok with wordpress but what about all those unknown platforms, specifically foreign blogs, is there anything for that?