[Know] How my Affililiate Conversion Increased from 5% to 35%

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    I have very recently ventured into affiliate marketing and though i'm new i have learnt a really important leson on increasing conversions, i dont know if you are already aware of it but as newbies we are always told to share and i'll share it.

    My money site is a wordpress site, and i get around 4500 visits/pm on the site, i must also mention i'm not on top for any specific main keyword, the site is heavily based on LTK and i get around 80% visits from LTK keywords.

    Though being at lower ends for most of the keywords I'm seeing more visits than some of my competitor (i know because one of the competitor is my friend)

    So in initial the most important lesson i got is you don't always need to be always on top to attract visitors, you need better and attractive titles, and the part which most affiliate marketers will not tell you is , article style website or writing generally creates less conversion than list style articles, this is from my personal experience your experience can be different, but generally i have seen if i am selling any software list style article works best, also in list style make sure your product is always the first item and while comparing with other items never mention other softwares strong points, what you need to understand is you are not creating a list for visitors, you are basically creating a marketing campaign. But also do make sure it does'nt look in any ways biased and promotonal article, try to make it as authentic as possible.

    Now another important part i learned on the way was i used php header redirect for link cloaking for some time, but it reduced my hops! i still don't know why, normal encoded links works best for me.

    Another way i saw increase in hops in my product was, make sure you tinyurl, all the other competitors website you are linking to, this drastically reduced from my users going to other competitors websites.

    Make sure your page has enough images for every item you are comparing, it helps to make page look authenticate.

    This all should increase conversions to 10% minimum, but the best trick is yet to be revealed. Below is my most stunning enlightning moment for me.

    Comment ! my blog looks authenticate so several people comments and i have around 17-20 comments on people expressing their opinio on which is good , which is bad, etc etc, mostly non spammy comment, as a part of experiment what i did was i edited all comments, so when ever someone said this is bad or does'nt have this func, i added my opinion on telling how i forunfd my affiliate product to be useful, also i edited some cooments when they said xxx is better i edited it [myproduct] is better, you get the idea, i created several emails with gravatar and added more comments most of them having subtle praise of my product (but i also make sure other products are mentioned to, so there is no doubt among visitors) and this suddenly increased my conversions to 35%! From that week itself i started seeing better results !

    The last trick as a bonus is in the article create a gist of article by saying the best overall blah blah is [yourproduct] as it has this and blah and blah, as many people don't go through article, they just look for writers opinion and stick to them.

    BTW what does'nt work as per my opinion or experiment what ever, is bad articles with nothing helpful, advertising on sidebar, advertising on middle or bottom, advertising on home page.


    P.S - Sorry for my bad English.
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    thanks for your advice:)) comment strategy is great!