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    Jan 19, 2014
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    Dear Members,

    We are Suppliers of KISS SKINCARE from Bangkok,Thailand. We are looking for local and International buyers/customers and We are proving the original KISS SKINCARE product with a god rate. . If you are interested please inquire from us. we would charge you Per piece of KISS SKINCARE is US$35 FREE SHIPPING

    Please Contact us via Facebook:

    Mobile: (+66) 0917350456
    Skype: mettananda24
    Line; shoel1984

    Thank you so much :)
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    And $35 dollars U.S and you are based in Bancock... thats like a 1500% mark up... Wholesale my a$$

    This is my personal opinion and I did no research, I dont want to hurt someone business esp if its legit... I am not saying it is, but I did no research to make my above claims.***
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