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Discussion in 'Blogging' started by th1sandman, Jul 23, 2010.

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    Hi Everyone, i am still a noob when it comes to blogging, but i have taken it upon myself to officially start with one to see how it goes.

    i would just like to know if someone can possibly point in the right direction ie:

    1. what kind of hosting will be needed to run WP theme nicely
    2. how do i decide what the domain name must be.
    3. and how to automate it so that it can start to slowly build traffic to my site, and slowly start to earn me some moola....

    any help will be highly appreciated...

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    walking around

    still new in posting but here my take.

    1.HG i guess since its one of the BHers favorites.HG=H0stGator
    2.your keyword must be in your domain name. ex. viagra is your keyword domain is : getviagra . TLD still not sure if this is correct.(feel free to chime in anyone)
    3.autoblogs? you can try spinning articles and posting them but if you know wordpress, you would want to know autoposting plugins like CC etc.
    and try reading shezboys guide to blogging.cant post links so just search for shezboy
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    1) Most all hosting companies are pretty comparable if you're looking to run a blog or wp powered site then a cheap package at most any host and you'll never really know the difference.
    2)It is a good idea to put your keyword/phrase in your domain not. You don't have to though you can pick something that sounds good and is therefore brandable too. It really depends on what you're doing for the site. If I was building a landing page for an affiliate product I'd definitely use keywords as my domain.
    3)If you want something automated and you're using wordpress then just get a plugin to make it autoblog. There's public free ones like wp-o-matic and other paid ones.
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    Firstly, I highly recommend Host gator. Instead of you needing to upload thousands of files via FTP, they use a call piece of Software called "Fantastico" that installs your Database and WordPress in less than a minute; no uploading or anything. If not, get something Linux based with MySQL databases.

    In deciding what your domain name should be, you have two option. Choose something unique, representative and catchy, like "Google", or something relevant, like "Searchengine" ... IMO, the first always works out for the long term.

    Your third question has more than one answer. I suggest you do some research on BHW into Whitehat, long term ways. Either way, you're going to have to know some SEO - so perhaps that would be a good place to start!

    But, first things first, RESEARCH!

    Hope that helps !


    P.S: Welcome to the Forum!