Kindle series pricing advice?

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    Hi guys,

    Just looking for a quick tip from anyone whos published on Kindle before.

    A lot of the information on one of the blogs I used to run can transfer fairly easily over to the Kindle platform (it's in the self help niche).

    Usually, I'd price around $3-4 for a 10,000-15,000 word book, but having edited my work down, I've got around 100,000 words of content.

    I decided to split the book down into 4 volumes, each of 25,000 words.

    I initially planned to charge $3 per volume, and about $7-8 for the collection (so if you bought one volume and wanted the collection, you'd still save money on buying individually).

    $3 for 25,000 words seems ridiculously cheap, and I'd prefer to charge about $5 for it, but I fear this might be too expensive. This would also push the price of the full collection up to around $12, and I don't think anyone would spend double digits on a Kindle book, even if it was for 100,000 words, for the work of an unproven author.

    Any thoughts on this?

    My other option is to break the books down further, so I'd have 6-8 volumes, but this feels like too many volumes.

    Any opinions on this would be great.

    Thanks guys