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    Hi guys,

    this book from a famous warrior has disappeared from the web. So I'm posting it here for posterity.
    I've used this strategy for my own promotion on Kindle store, and I've been quite successful (I've got sixty two books, one to five sales per day per book). Thus I've to admit that this guide is straightforward and efficient, with great ideas inside :D

    [B]Kindle Promotion Strategy[/B]
    [B]To implement this, you will need:[/B]
    [B]1. A blog (it can be a brand new one, no worries)[/B]
    [B]2. A twitter account (it can be a brand new one, though it helps if you already have followers to tweet to)[/B]
    [B]3. A book on Kindle to direct your new loyal fans to[/B]
    [B]The steps:[/B]
    [B]1. Write one Loyalty Transfer blog post for your target readers, monthly[/B]
    [B]2. Find your target readers on Twitter[/B]
    [B]3. Follow them one-by-one, and send them a link to your blog post[/B]
    [B]4. Watch that post go viral, and drive sales of your book[/B]
    [B]5. Repeat the process 30 days later, with a new blog post[/B]
    [B]Pretty straightforward, right?[/B]
    [B]If it is, how come only a dozen or so authors have sold over a million units on Kindle? [/B]
    [B]Well ? the details matter, for one.[/B]
    [B]Writing a post that not only connects with your target readers, but also leads them to a book purchase, can be difficult to do.[/B]
    [B]1: Identify the central theme of your book:[/B]
    [B]? and make sure those are reflected in your blog post.[/B]
    [B]? What?s the writing style of your book?[/B]
    [B]? Who are the main characters in your book, and what are their driving forces?[/B]
    [B]? Is your book humorous? Romantic? Adventurous? Clinical? Technical?[/B]
    [B]Informal? Find 5-7 themes from your book, and inject those ingredients into your blog post.[/B]
    [B]2: Only publish one blog post once per month (what?!)[/B]
    [B]Look - you?re only writing these blog posts for to show people:[/B]
    [B]1. What type of books you write,[/B]
    [B]2. How you write, and[/B]
    [B]3. To drive them to take action by clicking on one of your books[/B]
    [B]This is a beautiful aspect of this approach! We?re not talking about starting a whole new work stream blogging on a regular basis to sell your Kindle book. We?re talking one strategic blog post a month.[/B]
    [B]3: Keep it to less than 800 words.[/B]
    [B]LOVE IT! John keeps all his blog posts SHORT! (woo-hooo!)[/B]
    [B]Don?t get the wrong idea, though.[/B]
    [B]Puts a lot of thought into the post ? usually taking a day to write one. But when you consider that you only have to do this once a month? And, if your Kindle book is ghostwritten, you can outsource this step too? It?s not as daunting as you might have thought.[/B]
    [B]4: Write evergreen, timeless blog posts that show off your writing style.[/B]
    [B]The Invention of Loyalty Transfer?[/B]
    [B]Okay ? this one blew me away.[/B]
    [B]when you write earnestly and honestly about a subject your reader is already passionate about?[/B]
    [B]When you write about a person or value or nostalgic period that your reader[/B]
    [B]is already in love with?[/B]
    [B]And you express the same feelings for that person, or value, or subject, that[/B]
    [B]they feel?[/B]
    [B]The now see you as ?One Of Us? (OOU, as he calls it.) [/B][B]☺[/B]
    [B]The blog posts John uses as examples in his book, are linked below. You[/B]
    [B]should read them. They?re all short.[/B]
    [B]I didn?t know about this concept of Loyalty Transfer,[/B]
    [B]when I wrote my own ?loyalty transfer? post a year ago.[/B]
    [B]But writing this single post one day, from a defiant place in the midst of some hard struggles with my online business? I didn?t know that I?d be striking such a significant chord with my subscribers, that we?d form an almost permanent bond.[/B]
    [B]Titled: ?Is This You??, this post engendered such a strong positive response,[/B]
    [B]that people INSISTED I add comments to the page[/B]
    [B](it?s actually a page, not a post, and I didn?t have commenting turned on for my pages.)[/B]
    [B]It had been up for months before the comments you now see on the page, were allowed to be added.[/B]
    [B]Check it out:[/B]
    [B]How did that make you feel?[/B]
    [B]Did it make you inclined to read more of what I have to say?[/B]
    [B](If you?re in my target audience, the chances are that it did.)[/B]
    [B]So how in the world do you write something like that for YOUR Kindle[/B]
    [B]book? (Or ? if the writing of your Kindle book was outsourced ? how do you[/B]
    [B]get your ghostwriter to do? that?!)[/B]
    [B]Let?s work it out.[/B]
    [B]Writing Your Own Loyalty Transfer Blog Post.[/B]
    [B]Writing a Loyalty Transfer blog post, is not a matter of writing a touchy-feely post. Or manufacturing something fake.[/B]
    [B]No. You (or your writer), have written something good. Something valuable.[/B]
    [B]Now you just have to figure out the connection between:[/B]
    [B]Doing that will bond your blog post readers to you.[/B]
    [B]This is what John Locke calls a Loyalty Transfer.[/B]
    [B]?The loyalty that already exists between your readers and your subject[/B]
    [B]matter will transfer to you, through the power of your blog. Your reader will[/B]
    [B]feel an instant rapport, a kinship with you because of what you shared or[/B]
    [B]revealed about yourself in the blog. ? ? John Locke[/B]
    [B]Step One: What Are Your Book?s Central Themes?[/B]
    [B]1. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]2. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]3. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]Step Two: What Are Your Target Reader?s Values, Emotional Triggers, or Problem Statements Leading Them to Want/Need Your Book?[/B]
    [B]1. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]2. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]3. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]Step Three: Who Are A Few Role Models That Epitomize Those Values? Or Epitomize Triumph Against Those Problem Statements?[/B]
    [B]1. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]2. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]3. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]4. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]5. _____________________________________________________[/B]
    [B]Take a few minutes to fill the previous page out.[/B]
    [B]Once you?ve done that, you?re WELL ON YOUR WAY to becoming a hero to your target audience![/B]
    [B]Remember ? you?ll want to read John?s full book to get the entire context of his marketing system. But at the heart of it, you?re writing a viral blog post, and then seeding it into your target audience via Twitter.[/B]
    [B]Here are almost two dozen examples of loyalty transfer posts that I?ve[/B]
    [B]Feel free to browse them for more ideas? and you can also browse John Locke?s blog for more ideas as well.[/B]
    [B]Remember though, that my audience, and that of John Locke?s, will differ from yours.[/B]
    [B]The most important thing you could do is take a few minutes to paint a picture of who your customer really is (a customer avatar). Step 2 on the previous page is a really quick-and-dirty way of defining your customer avatar. But if you want to go a step further, use this:[/B]
    [B]Note: Don?t let that slow you down from taking action though![/B]
    [B]Quick-and-dirty can often be a good thing! [/B][B]☺[/B]
    [B]Okay ? so this sounds all well and good ? but when do I get the viral traffic![/B]
    [B]Ah yes. Of course.[/B]
    [B]Well, after you have your Kindle book up on Amazon, and advertised on your site (I recommend in your footer and/or sidebar), you want to go out and find people who fit into your target audience . And Twitter is what John used, so we?ll go for that as well. (although theoretically you could use other social media sites, particularly Facebook.)[/B]
    [B]John?s blog post about Joe Paterno had a very good Twitter strategy. (For those who may not know, Joe Paterno is a legendary coach from Penn State University? well-loved and respected. Note: John?s blog post was written before the unfortunate scandal at Penn State, that may have tarnished coach Paterno?s legacy somewhat.) [/B][B]☹[/B]
    [B]John targeted students and alumni of Penn State who were tweeting about an upcoming big game. He:[/B]
    [B]1. Followed the 100 most recent tweeters on the topic of the game,[/B]
    [B]2. Sent them a link to the blog post (which had Joe Paterno?s name in the title, by the way),[/B]
    [B]3. And that post ended up receiving 5,000 views in 2 days . CRAZY. In your case, you?ll want to think up keywords that your audience may use to discuss the role model you?ve decided to write about. It could be the person?s name, what they?re famous for (book, sport, charity, company, etc.), and so on. Once you find these people (follow 100 or so), politely send them each a public tweet directing them to your blog post.[/B]
    [B]That?s it! Remember ? you?re not manufacturing desire or need here? You?re simply finding the waterfall of existing passion and desire (that sounded like a Kindle romance book? LOL!) You?re simply finding the existing energy on a topic, and FEEDING IT. Those people jump to your blog, read it, feel that it speaks to them, and feel compelled to share it. Viral accomplished.[/B]
    [B]How Do You Outsource This?[/B]
    [B]The main steps can beautifully ALL be outsourced![/B]
    [B]1. If you wrote the Kindle book, you may want to write the blog post yourself . Remember ? it?s just one a month. But if you outsourced the writing of the book ? give the same writer this job![/B]
    [B]2. Reaching out on Twitter can definitely be outsourced. Particularly since this may end up being a tad repetitive at the outset. To sum it up ? becoming a Kindle Hero is as straightforward as positioning yourself as a hero in the eyes of your target audience? using the concept of Loyalty Transfer. Write an effective Loyalty Transfer blog, attract your audience to it via Twitter, and naturally recommend they check out your book. Social media is what adds the viral to this concoction.[/B]
    [B]This is worth testing on your Kindle book promotions. It can largely be outsourced, and it has worked for the most successful Self-Publisher in the world. Give it a go. [/B][B]Best of luck!!![/B]
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