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Kinda recent journey of Average Joe!

Discussion in 'Making Money' started by WORKHARDIKR, Dec 2, 2016.



    Nov 12, 2016
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    Hey guys, I am kinda new here 1 or 2 months being my time on BHW.

    My goal for now is just collecting as much money as I can to invest in anything worth in the future, as I gain experience I might get an idea of how I can invest my money in a smart way.

    Why am I here?

    I am here because I see no hope in working for anyone else.
    I will tell you one thing. I was working with COWS I had to maintain 200 cows and sometimes clean shit yeah, I am 20 years old with blue eyes so I realised this isnt for me and I dont want to fuck with it no more, first its hard as fuck to wake up at 7 am and working your ass to 5 pm for 600 euros month.

    There was a guy called Nuno, Nuno is cleaning shit for 20 years. Nuno might receive more than 600 euros since hes kinda vip now and the boss likes him (of course) he does everything, everyday for 20 years.

    Sometimes I would like to speak about this things with Nunu and he would tell me I wouldnt be able to save money since I spend all of it and hes the king of saving money, since he got 2 cars and one house he bought (I think he used credit to buy a house and now struggles to pay it off, but its my opinion).

    I fear animals and sometimes I would behave like a girl when dealing with cows or bulls. Because cows are extremely agressive sometimes in some situations and if I see danger I step away.

    My boss in this situations screamed that I will be nobody in life because I suck, I guess he would like to see me working like a slave just like Nunu, but no thanks.

    He fired me. I left my job at the start of june, and since then I am at home enjoying my breath and reading things about IM.
    I have made some money online already using my brain is the key.

    Since I was earning 20 euros a day at my job I figured out that those numbers is nothing special and it can be easily achieved online if done in the right way. Sometimes I asked Nunu what have you earned in total in those 20 years - 200,000 euros was his answer. Then I asked why you working 20 years to earn 200,000? The answer was - Do you think I would work here for 20 years if it wasnt about 200k? I Was like yeah ok nvm forget, you right.

    But the reality is there is millions to be made in very much less than 20 years, so talking to these people was like meeting robots programmed to execute tasks everyday.

    I dont know guys just felt inspired to share my experience, might help you!

    Also I would like to hear any offers any of you got for me I have all the time in the world and Im kinda smart, would like to work with any of you doing anything online I would charge minimum 3 dollars per hour / 15 or 20 dollars per day or 150 dollars per week.

    Feel free to comment and tell me what you think! Cheers