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    Nov 13, 2012
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    This is a plugin that I purchased recently, it is great, looks great. I watched couple of youtube videos and it works for them nicely, for those of you who have used this plugin I ask you, which Webhosting company are you running with?

    Basicaly the reason I ask this because I am shocked due to the fact that this plugin cost money and then when you go ahead and try to use it, almost 80% of the time, the plugin would not work. Clear and simple, I've been trying to get this thing to work for the past one week with no luck whatsoever, it didn't work with my previous hosting company affilorama, and it didn't work with my new hosting company hostgator, and I went ahead and spoken to a plugin team from Bluehost company and they told me it would not work with them either.

    So why does most the hosting companies block this plugin from working, and for those who have this plugin working, what is your hosting company? Thanks.