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    Hi, I want to build one high quality Authority Website but I want to take an advice from you guys !

    So I'm thinking to make a SILO structure with category for every main keyword and in category I will aim for other long tails sub keywords:

    The keyword Structure will look be like this :

    Category name (Main Keyword) : Black Tea - this is my main KEYWORD for this category so this is my main target

    Now I need to move to traget long tail keywords (around 3+ words for each keyword) these will be the sub keywords and I will write one article for each sub keyword:

    ? Benefits of black tea
    ? Green tea or black tea
    ? Caffeine in black tea
    ? Organic black tea
    ? Iced black tea

    I will make content for each sub keyword (e.g. Benefits of black tea, green tea or black tea) and in these articles I will aim for others Theme Phrases (Article will be structured around 5-10 themed phrases)

    So now my question : Is good to structure a website like this or will be much easier to structure a website where willl I will aim for 1 MAIN keyword and 1 or 2 LSI for every Article (1000+ words) ?

    Result will be good for every type of structure ?

    Will be must easy to me to create random content around the theme but the results will be good ? I will have a minus on ARCHITECTURE if I will create random content about theme and I will won't use the structure described here ?

    What's your opinion ? I will wait for an answer from an experienced member !

    Thank you, Nonamep.
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    When building a new site and wondering what your best structure would be, always check your competitors websites to see how they are doing. Websites that are already ranking high would have several ideas to give away.