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    I figured I would give anyone who is interested a heads up about keyword snatcher. I know that I only used the pirated version found here and many other places was because it was not available for sale any more. Well until 12 tonight it is for sale again, along with some other badass looking useful software.

    Normally I like to keep good tools to myself but I figured what the hell, this is supposed to be for some charity and that's why the dude Jon Leger opened it up for sale again. So I just saw many reasons to get it myself, and figured I would share the info in case anyone here did not already know about this. Really for 47 bucks and the other software that it comes with it is still a STEAL in my mind! Very useful stuff in the right hands, so there is my good deed for this year!

    So uh huh like Carl Pilkington would say "I'm just doin me bit" :D

    oh yeah the link is
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